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  • 0414spicemain1

    Not Born To Follow

    There are plenty of modified Jeep Wranglers in the world – even in the UK, if you go looking. Not many of them are YJs, though, and fewer still have airbrushed bodywork to go with their off-road prep.

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  • wardmain2new

    Fit For Purpose

    When we put a picture of Chris Warden’s TJ on our Facebook page, someone called it boring. Mind you, they also called it a Land Rover. It’s neither of those things – though it probably is fair to say that it’s less showy most of the Wranglers you see people building.

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  • mormain1

    Going Jeep

    Ivan Morley fell in love with Jeeps during an off-road driving day organised by the American manufacturer. Since then, he’s owned two Cherokees and a Wrangler – so who says marketing doesn’t work?

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  • 6032 024


    Iwan Jenkins’ Jeep Wrangler is one of TOR’s all-time favourite modded off-roaders. When we got a phone call telling us it had recently been fitted with G-Wagen axles, therefore, we jumped at the chance to pay a return visit.

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