On-board Air Systems

  • 20 23

    K&N Promises World-Beating Performance From New Orion Intake System

    PERHAPS THE MOST COMMON modification among all the vehicles we’ve featured down the years in TOR is the addition of a K&N air filter. These take many shapes and forms, but in recent years the company has moved beyond making just filters and moved on to offering complete air intake systems. 

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  • Products July 22

    Rear Air Con Kits

    YOU KNOW THE FEELING. The weather’s getting hotter, even a bit stickier, and your rear is heating up far more than your front. With summer allegedly coming, now is the time to do something about that sweaty area behind you. Fortunately Britpart have a cooling solution. 

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  • Webcon PlenumChamber

    Air Filter Plenum To Go With Your DIY Snorkel

    Webcon’s unique range of air filter plenum kits is now available for Weber 32/34DMTL carburettors. The latest addition includes one adaptor which bolts to the top of the carb and another that allows the intake to be fixed at any angle.

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  • rectangle

    ARB's 24v Compressor

    People have been fitting ARB’s Air-Lockers for years, often in combination with the same company’s compressor. Now, the Australian outfit has added an upgraded compressor suitable for all the usual applications – but running 24v to help it cope with heavy-duty use.

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