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    RECENTLY INTRODUCED BY TERRAFIRMA is the A12000, a heavy-duty winch incorporating all the features requested of the company by commercial users as well as recreational and competitive off-roaders. This new Terrafirma winch combines 12,000lbs of pulling performance with modern styling and a sleek, stylish textured coting for better resistance to corrosion. Inside the winch’s classy looking housing, a powerful 6hp, 12v motor and low-noise...

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  • winching

    More Options Added To Goodwinch Range

    GOODWINCH HAS LAUNCHED a pair of new winches, both in the Goodwinch Bull range. The first of these is the 9.5i SR, which uses a Bowmotor 1 and as normal for Goodwinch is fully sealed against water and muck. 

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  • Products August

    Heavy - Duty Winch Plate For Rubi-Clad Wranglers

    THERES A SERIOUSLY STRONG steel winch plate now available for Jeep Wranglers. The two-piece kit is quite sleek but is very heavy duty. It’s finished in textured black which is E-coated and powder coated so it’s not going to corrode.

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  • DSCN2047

    factor 55 launches ‘world’s safest hook’

    Factor 55 has joined the ever-growing roster of brands imported to the UK by XS4x4. Made in the USA, this is a range of premium recovery equipment – whose products were used on every podium-placed vehicle at this year’s King of the Hammers.

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    How many people spend ages on prepping their vehicle then set out into the wilderness carrying only a mouldy old rope for recovery? If you managed to read that sentence without flinching, it’s probably not relevant to you that the range of ARB equipment now available through the Britpart range...

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  • Bearmach bumper


    THE LATEST ADDITION TO  BEARMACH’S Off-Road range is a heavy-duty winch bumper for the Land Rover Discovery 3. This is made from 5mm steel – and in Bearmach’s own words, it’s ‘a force to be reckoned with.’

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  • now theyre making rope shackles

    Now they’re making rope shackles, too…

    HERE’S AN INTERESTING ALTERNATIVE to a traditional shackle. Britpart is now stocking Dynaline shackles, made from 8mm Dyneema SK78.

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  • more pulling power

    More pulling power to the people as Goodwinch introduces the twin-top TDS

    GOODWINCH’S HIGHLY-REGARDED BOWMOTORS have been appearing in challenge-spec winches for many years. And of course the company’s own range of TDS Goldfish units have been a favourite on everyday Land Rovers for longer still, offering dependable recovery power at the sort of prices which have long been making people question...

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  • ground anchor 1

    Ground anchor for use with high-lifts

    IF YOU’VE GOT A GROUND ANCHOR, that means you’ve also got a winch. Right? Not necessarily.

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    Snatch Block Stowage You Can Rely On

    Snatch blocks are brilliant things, but have you ever noticed how good they are at hiding? Put one somewhere sensible in the back of your Land Rover and you can guarantee that by the time you need it, it will have wormed its way down beneath something else where it’s...

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  • IMG 0711

    Goodwinch Goes 2up for ‘Ultimate Winch’

    The winch market was once a pretty sleepy place, with only a small number of players in it and very little innovation going on. Ever since the rise of challenge-style off-road competition, however, this has been turned on its head – these days, a winch is much more than just...

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  • MaxKraft3

    30% Price Cut on MaxKraft Winches

    You probably haven’t heard of MaxKraft winches, but that’s all about to change. The German brand, which is well known in other parts of Europe, has just announced summer discounts of up to 30% on the RRP across its range of 12v and 24v electric winches.

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  • PullzAll Sling1

    Heavy Duty Sling for Warn Pullzall

    Warn’s latest Pullzall Sling is the latest addition to the company’s UK accessory list. Made from a durable nylon construction with reinforced stitching, it’s perfect for shifting large heavy items.

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  • DC1700 Neoprene Cover 006

    Warn's World of Winching Accessories

    Warn remains a top name in the world of winches, despite the amount of extra competition it now faces compared to a decade or so ago. But the company also makes a wide range of winching accessories and related equipment too.

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  • FlatLink

    Paddock Brings Factor 55 to UK Market

    Paddock Spares has launched the Factor 55 range of recovery products into the UK. Aimed at the top end of the winching market, these come from the USA and consist of two product ranges, the Prolink and the Flatlink. 

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  • New Medium hook 000 SHD 2

    Warn's New Winch Hooks and Shackles

    Not content with making winches everybody wants, Warn has introduced a range of hooks and shackles that somehow manage to introduce sexiness to a subject you thought was immune to it. They’re coated with Cerakote, you see, which provides maximum protection and reliability against wear and abrasion – and also...

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  • Goodwinch1

    Turbo Power For Safe Over-Volting

    Goodwinch's Turbo Power Controller has been around for a couple of years, but a lot of people still don’t seem to understand what it does. Put simply, it’s a safe way of running a 12-volt winch on 24-volt power when you want to give it an extra short-term boost –...

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  • rectangle

    ARB Launches Zeon Mount for Hi-Lux

    If you're putting a winch on a Japanese 4x4 and want an off-the-shelf bumper for it, ARB is probably the first name you’ll think off. The latest product from the Aussie giant is a winch mount kit for the Toyota Hi-Lux that’s tailored specifically to Warn’s Zeon range, and it’s...

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  • High Res Wireless Control System

    Revisions for Warn's Wireless Remotes

    Warn's latest remote control system is a model of simplicity. You plug the receiver into the remote socket on your winch’s control pack and… that’s it.

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  • First Four1

    First Four’s Cool Freespool Kit For Milemarker

    If you're serious about competitive winching, these days an air freespool is almost as much of a must-have as a hardened mainshaft or synthetic rope. Which is really quite a lot of a must-have.

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  • D44 fairleads

    You Can't Say Fairer Than This...

    It's pretty obvious that one of the things a hawse fairlead has to do is be smooth and slippery. Not a big ask when it’s brand new, but after a few hardcore recoveries have seen a gritty, muddy winch rope dragged over its surface under enormous tension, it would take...

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    Money For New Rope

    ‘The world’s first dedicated winch challenge winch rope.’ That’s a bold enough claim to be going on with, but First Four says its new Shadow Comp-Line rope is exactly that. Produced by leading manufacturer English Braids, it was developed with First Four’s input to be a rope that would be...

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  • goodwinch 1

    Goodwinch Launches Bowmotor 3

    If you're into serious off-roading, you’ll be familiar with Goodwinch’s range of replacement winch motors. The Bowmotor 1 and Bowmotor 2 have helped many a challenge competitor get enhanced pulling power and reliability from their winch set-up, and David Bowyer’s name is synonymous with quality engineering and top-hole customer service...

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  • Damar1

    Personalised Pulling Power

    It's muddy. It's cold. Everyone’s getting stuck and there are recoveries going on left, right and centre. All you want to do is get back in the cab and drive, so as soon as you’re moving again you just chuck your towing gear back in your truck and away you go.

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  • Powerplant 12 Kit

    Major Improvements to Warn Winches

    Warn's UK importer, Arbil 4x4, has announced the arrival of its new 24-volt Zeon range in stock here, along with a revised version of the PowerPlant combined winch and air compressor. The Zeon is available with two levels of pulling capacity, while the updated PowerPlant promises ‘even greater performance and...

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