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    Goodwinch Goes 2up for ‘Ultimate Winch’

    The winch market was once a pretty sleepy place, with only a small number of players in it and very little innovation going on. Ever since the rise of challenge-style off-road competition, however, this has been turned on its head – these days, a winch is much more than just...

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  • MaxKraft3

    30% Price Cut on MaxKraft Winches

    You probably haven’t heard of MaxKraft winches, but that’s all about to change. The German brand, which is well known in other parts of Europe, has just announced summer discounts of up to 30% on the RRP across its range of 12v and 24v electric winches.

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  • DC1700 Neoprene Cover 006

    Warn's World of Winching Accessories

    Warn remains a top name in the world of winches, despite the amount of extra competition it now faces compared to a decade or so ago. But the company also makes a wide range of winching accessories and related equipment too.

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  • Goodwinch1

    Turbo Power For Safe Over-Volting

    Goodwinch's Turbo Power Controller has been around for a couple of years, but a lot of people still don’t seem to understand what it does. Put simply, it’s a safe way of running a 12-volt winch on 24-volt power when you want to give it an extra short-term boost –...

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  • First Four1

    First Four’s Cool Freespool Kit For Milemarker

    If you're serious about competitive winching, these days an air freespool is almost as much of a must-have as a hardened mainshaft or synthetic rope. Which is really quite a lot of a must-have.

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  • goodwinch 1

    Goodwinch Launches Bowmotor 3

    If you're into serious off-roading, you’ll be familiar with Goodwinch’s range of replacement winch motors. The Bowmotor 1 and Bowmotor 2 have helped many a challenge competitor get enhanced pulling power and reliability from their winch set-up, and David Bowyer’s name is synonymous with quality engineering and top-hole customer service...

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  • Powerplant 12 Kit

    Major Improvements to Warn Winches

    Warn's UK importer, Arbil 4x4, has announced the arrival of its new 24-volt Zeon range in stock here, along with a revised version of the PowerPlant combined winch and air compressor. The Zeon is available with two levels of pulling capacity, while the updated PowerPlant promises ‘even greater performance and...

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