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    Home From Home

    Nick Albion describes his Jeep Grand Cherokee as an  ‘armchair off-roader.’ With 50,000 road miles to do every  year, on top of needing to be able to access some of the most remote working locations in the country, he’s entitled to a bit of comfort.

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    Chance Meating

    Mick Walker is a mobile butcher whose love of 4x4s means he hasn’t missed a delivery in 20 years. His latest truck is a beefy Wrangler which he bought new after chancing on it at a bargain price, before deciding to chop it about and fillet with long-travel hock absorbers...

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    Easy On The Eye

    Devon 4x4 might not be a company you associate with lifestyle 4x4 accessories. But as this Wrangler shows, Simon Buck and co. can create quite a head-turner when they’re asked to – and it’ll still hold its own in the rough stuff.

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