Road Legal Beadlockers for Landies

Originally Published: March 2015

The latest addition to the range of Hutchinson wheels available at XS4x4 is the WA0604 Rock Monster Beadlock, in a 16x7.0” size designed specifically for the Land Rover Defender. Fully government-approved as a road-legal accessory back home in the US, this allows you to run your tyres at ultra-low pressures – all the way down to 0psi – without breaking them off the rim, allowing them to spread the maximum possible footprint in search of traction on difficult surfaces.

Beadlockers have been common for a long time in America, but they remained almost unheard of in the UK until relatively recently when winch challenges took over as the primary form of competition. There’s a lot of options on the market, but Hutchinson is right at the top end – as a price tag of £470 per wheel from UK importer XS4x4 illustrates.

Hutchinson’s range includes a variety of fitments covering a wide range of vehicles, so if yours isn’t a Defender (or, indeed, a Suzuki with Defender axles) there’s probably still something in it for you. The WA1352, for example, is another heavy-duty road-legal beadlocker with the same price tag, but this one’s flagged up as being suitable for the Mk1 Discovery too. Or, of course, a Suzuki with Discovery axles, etc etc.

Want to know more about these top-notch wheels? Have a look at what the importer’s got to say at, and you’ll start to see what all that money gets you.


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