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    Starting at the top

    Steve Whiting has only been into off-roading for a couple of years.  But in that time, he's built a Range Rover most people would be happy to call the result of their life's work.  Well, as he puts it, he needed a hobby...

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    A Short In The Dark

    Steve Taylor’s Discovery spends a lot of time on the road in the dead of night. But the local police have long since stopped checking him out – after all, nobody who was up to mischief would do it in a caged, lifted trayback with an 82” wheelbase, would they?

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    May The 4xForce Be With You ♦ Tested Product ♦

    A lot of the Land Rover suspension systems on the market are basically variations on the same theme. Taller springs, longer dampers and some combination of castor correction, shock towers and modified links – there are some excellent options around, but it’s not every day that someone comes along with...

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    Little By Little

    Neil Witt wasn’t in any hurry to modify his Discovery. Instead, he just kept an eye out for the right bits when they came up on eBay – and his patience has been rewarded with a practical fun truck that owes him less than a month’s salary and looks set...

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    The Long Story

    Dan Hickling’s Land Rover 90 is still a Land Rover 90. But it’s a Land Rover 90 with a 100-inch wheelbase. That apart, its resemblance to the vehicle it once was is, well, pretty much zero...

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    Land Rover Discovery ♦ Vehicle Test ♦

    What’s new? Eight-speed auto box and updated diesel engine

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    Land Rover Discovery ♦ Towing Test ♦

    If you're a traditional Land Rover Discovery driver, you might well have been drawn to the vehicle because although it’s much more of a family car than the Defender, it’s still a truck at heart. Even the Disco 3, with its independent suspension and gadgets-to-the-max design, still had the doughty...

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    Big Cat

    Pete Littler’s Discovery has the roar of a lion and the agility of a leopard, the power of a Jaguar and the grace of a Tabby. However you choose to put it, this off-roader is no pussycat…

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    Hit For Six

    When Tony Vincent bought the Discovery he’d always wanted, it didn’t take him long to start turning it into… the Discover he’d always wanted.  Cue six inches of lift – with the same again still to come.

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    Discovery Deception

    Andrew Woodhouse’s Discovery may look like nothing more than a heavily modified Land Rover, but its bright G4-influenced paintwork hides a dark secret – its front and rear axles are borrowed from a Mercedes G-Wagen. Furthermore, the whole concept of the hybrid actually came about by accident as the Disco...

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    Genetic Engineering

    Kevin Jukes’ Discovery is a classic example of an everyday workhorse that’s turned into a passion. No one should be surprised at the work of engineering art he’s turned it into, though – because modified Land Rovers are definitely in his genes…

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    Devon On Earth

    Devon 4x4 is well known for preparing extreme off-road vehicles. But the company is steadily building a presence in the overland expedition market – and as its latest demo truck shows, it’s putting the experience gained in challenge competitions to ever-wider use…

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    Survival Kit

    Unlike most people, when Greg McGuire set out to build a modified Discovery he didn’t intend to create the ultimate off-roader. Instead, he fashioned a vehicle that could teach a thing or two to everyone who thinks that’s what their next project is going to be…

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    Adult Entertainment

    Mark Wilson describes his 1996 Discovery as ‘adult Meccano.’ It’s an appropriate verdict on a vehicle that’s been getting put together and taken apart again almost non-stop for the last two years.

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    We've Only Just Begun

    When Pete Smalley decided to take up off-roading, he knew there was only one vehicle for him. Within months he found a 200-series V8 Discovery, fitted a two-inch lift and was planning his first green lane trip. Not bad for starters, eh?

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    Banking On Success

    Mike Bullivant thinks the Land Rover Discovery is one of the best off-road vehicles going, provided you invest wisely in making the most of its potential. And he should know all about the importance of judicious investment, what with being a bank manager…

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    First Things First

    Jack Peters started modifying his Discovery because bits of it went rotten. Since then, a budget build has become an object lesson in taking the subtle approach – though all that may soon be about to change…

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    Land Rover Discovery V8 ES 7-seat

    When Land Rover first launched the Discovery, escalating petrol prices meant that the 3.5-litre V8 engine available at the time crawled out of the dealerships. By comparison, the then-new Tdi was selling like hot cakes.

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