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    Short And Sweet

    There’s a lot of bobtailed 4x4s in the world – but not all of them look as pretty from close up as they do from a distance. When Sean Robb took on a crashed Range Rover with a view to turning it into an off-road hero, he was horrified by...

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    Starting at the top

    Steve Whiting has only been into off-roading for a couple of years.  But in that time, he's built a Range Rover most people would be happy to call the result of their life's work.  Well, as he puts it, he needed a hobby...

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    British Beef

    Malcolm Smith decided to lose some weight. So he took an angle grinder to his Range Rover...

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    Seeing Red

    A P38a Range Rover 4.6 Vogue isn’t the obvious choice on the hardcore off-roading menu. But Paul Goldring has added some scary spice…

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    It IS Big And It IS Clever

    With six inches of body lift, Ian Redway’s Range Rover is very big. But with belt-and-braces electrics, no end of custom parts and a bespoke three-link suspension system, it’s very clever too. So it should be, after the amount of time and money he’s put into it – just don’t...

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    Giant Green Jollies

    When Tony Whitelock bought his Range Rover, it was just another bobtail. A few short months later, it’s gone a long way up in the world – and is set to be one of the first superstars of the British rock-crawling scene.

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    The Future's Orange

    Nick Walker’s Range Rover has a number of distinguishing characteristics: it’s a bobtailed four-door that’s also been turned into a pick-up, it’s a Southdown demonstrator and it’s loaded with off-road goodies.  Oh, and did we mention it’s also bright orange?

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