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  • Britpart dog guard

    Don’t Let Your Truck Go To The Dogs…

    You don’t need to have a dog for a dog guard to earn its corn. All you have to do is be that guy who just chucks his ropes, shackles, snatch blocks, high-lift and ground anchor in the back of his truck and goes off-roading without lashing them down, and...

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  • 2012 07 27 09.44.46

    Something Tasty for the Disco 3...

    New from Alu-Cab, this time in its range of storage drawers, is this exceptionally tidy installation for the Discovery 3. The company makes its drawers from, you guessed it, aluminium, and this means they’re light in weight as well as being strong, tough and durable.

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    Ring Reinvents The Bungee

    Say you need to secure a toolbox, or maybe a load of logs, in the back of your truck. Some people would turn to rope as the best solution: others would resort to the bungee cord.

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  • MUD 2446312 B copy

    New Range of Cargo Nets from MUD-UK

    MUD-UK has added two new options to its range of netting products for keeping cargo under control. The first is a hammock-style affair measuring a sizeable 1050 x 270mm; the second is a ‘load bed’ net, which stretches from 630 x 1000mm to 950 x 1000mm, should you require that...

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  • Explorer Magnum 1 Drawer

    Truck Vault Comes to UK

    Truck Vault has been around for a couple of decades on the other side of the Atlantic, but pick-up specialist TBR has now brought the company’s range of custom drawer systems to the UK. These are used by emergency services in the US, which is a fancy way of saying...

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  • Puma Pod

    Raptor Kit For Pumas

    Raptor Engineering has introduced two new products for Puma-engined Land Rover Defenders. The company specialises in in-cab equipment to make vehicles more usable; the Defender’s dashboard design was revised significantly for the first time since as long ago as the Falkands War when the Puma lump was launched in 2007...

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  • Defender glovebox

    Tidy Trim For Landies

    Elsewhere on this website, you can read about Raptor Engineering’s new glovebox for Puma-era Land Rover Defenders. Well, those of us who can’t afford a Landy that new needn’t fret, because the company has also launched a similar product for older Defenders and Series IIIs.

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  • MudUK2

    More Space For Your Cubby

    As cubby boxes go, the ones you’ll find in most Land Rover Defenders are pretty huge. Problem is, everything else about the Defender’s interior is pretty tiny, and even on the newer models stowage space for your odds and ends is notable mainly by its absence.

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  • trailerbox2

    Lock It On Your Trailer

    We haven't had any innovative storage solutions so far this month, at least until now. TCF Engineering’s Trailer Box is designed to fit on the A-frame in front of a trailer, providing storage space for tools, safety equipment or overalls and work boots.

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  • HandiHoldall

    Getting A Bag On...

    Anyone who has children or dogs (or, worse still, both) will be familiar with the sweat-inducing panic that accompanies loading the car for a holiday or weekend away. Even the largest boot can be guaranteed not to have enough space for everything you need.

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