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  • britpart seat cover 1

    Budget Covers for Defender Seats

    It's possible to spend a small fortune on seat covers for a Defender. But if all you want to do is cover up the splits, fag burns and dog-chew damage, or you’d like to plonk your posterior on something a bit more pleasant than the harsh vinyl of the originals,...

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  • Isuzu Seat Cover 2

    Tailored Covers for Isuzu Seats

    Isuzu has launched a range of tailored seat covers for the current D-Max pick-up. These are of the heavy-duty variety, designed to stand up to the rigours of working life and off-roading.

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  • IMG 0653 2

    Elite Seats From Exmoor Trim

    People sometimes say you should always spend up to your limit on your bed, because you’re going to be in it for such a large part of your life. Well, if you’re the sort of person who spends a lot of time behind the wheel of your Land Rover, logic...

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  • Britpart dog guard

    Don’t Let Your Truck Go To The Dogs…

    You don’t need to have a dog for a dog guard to earn its corn. All you have to do is be that guy who just chucks his ropes, shackles, snatch blocks, high-lift and ground anchor in the back of his truck and goes off-roading without lashing them down, and...

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  • Exmoor seat base2

    Longer Seat Bases For Defenders

    If you’ve been after a bit more comfort in your Defender or want to stop those dead legs you get after a while in the cockpit, Exmoor Trim’s new Extended Seat Base should allow you to put your legs up that little bit further.

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  • Britpart seat cover

    Covers For Landy Seats

    We always talk about protecting your vehicle from trees, boulders and so on, but what about protecting it from those pesky passengers who insist on sitting in it?

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  • Puma Pod

    Raptor Kit For Pumas

    Raptor Engineering has introduced two new products for Puma-engined Land Rover Defenders. The company specialises in in-cab equipment to make vehicles more usable; the Defender’s dashboard design was revised significantly for the first time since as long ago as the Falkands War when the Puma lump was launched in 2007...

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  • Defender glovebox

    Tidy Trim For Landies

    Elsewhere on this website, you can read about Raptor Engineering’s new glovebox for Puma-era Land Rover Defenders. Well, those of us who can’t afford a Landy that new needn’t fret, because the company has also launched a similar product for older Defenders and Series IIIs.

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  • Mud Stuff

    Roof Console for Defenders

    Mud Stuff's latest product for the Land Rover Defender is this extremely neat roof console. Developed in conjunction with an OE automotive and aerospace trim manufacturer, it promises a factory-standard level of fit, finish and appearance to an installation that requires no removal or cutting of the truck’s headlining.

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  • AMI2

    Life's A Gas

    We introduced you to Auto Marine Improvement last month, and immediately started calling it AMI because typing its name in full was giving us blisters. The company specialises in interiors, and as we mentioned in passing last month its product range includes a handy gas bottle locker for your 110.

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  • Exmoor1

    Classy New Defender Cubby From Exmoor Trim

    This is the sort of product that runs the risk of showing up the rest of the interior if it’s fitted in a scabby old vehicle. But if you’ve got a tidy Defender, Exmoor Trim’s new Premium Loc Box could be a very nice finishing touch in between the front seats.

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  • DSC 0036

    Bespoke Thermal Underwear For Your Truck

    You probably haven't heard of Auto Marine Improvement, but there’s a very good reason for that. This is that the company has only just started up, but the guy behind it is Gordon Kidson-Petlem, a long time club man who knows his vehicles and has a refreshing approach to business.

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