Classy New Defender Cubby From Exmoor Trim

Originally Published: March 2013

This is the sort of product that runs the risk of showing up the rest of the interior if it’s fitted in a scabby old vehicle. But if you’ve got a tidy Defender, Exmoor Trim’s new Premium Loc Box could be a very nice finishing touch in between the front seats.

This has a solid steel frame and heavy-duty locking lid, meaning it’s a place where you can put things safely even if pond life gets past your Landy’s doors. The finish is soft-touch, naturally, with carpeted seat-belt protectors and a padded lid to give you a bit of an armrest. You can adjust the box on its mounts, too, to make the most of this last feature.

Talking of adjusting things, the open tray at the front features two pop-out cupholders whose jaws are fully sprung and wide-opening to grip whatever you put in there. No, not your cornflakes. At the back, meanwhile, it’s netted to keep the odd map or CD from dying horribly in the bear pit of your Landy’s footwells. Ha ha, we said ‘CD’… told you this one was going to be better suited to the more upmarket breed of Defender…

All in all, it’s enough to make you want to buy a Land Rover. Fortunately, at £249 plus VAT, it’ll leave you with enough to do so. Hopefully one that’s straight enough inside to do it justice. To find your nearest distributor, go to


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