Keep Your Fluids Under Control...

Originally Published: March 2013

You know how the best ideas are always the simplest? Well, Off Road Armoury has developed some very advanced stuff in its time, but we wouldn’t mind betting that the company’s new Race Crates will go on to number among its most successful lines.

These are, quite simply, carrying crates for all the fluids your vehicle needs. We’ve all got the odd can of old screenwash or engine oil lying around in the back of our vehicles, which we dislodge every time we go off-roading and have to rescue from under our seats – well, these race crates are the answer to that.

They’re made from CNC profiled and folded 14g steel and fitted with a quality compression latch and integral safety catch, making them as secure as they are easy to use. They’re supplied with a set of HDPE cans to carry in them, which you can use as you need, and of course with one being tailor-made to suit the other, a snug fit is guaranteed.

Each crate has 12 mounting holes, six in the back and six in the base, so you can fix them pretty much anywhere. They can be strapped down, too, for example in a pick-up or van.

As this illustrates, your vehicle doesn’t need to be a racer to carry Race Crates. But the fact that they’ll work on one should tell you everything you need to know about whether they’ll be suitable for your lane truck.

Three sizes of crate are available: 4x1ltr, 4x2.5ltr and 3x5ltr. They’re priced from £45.60 to £62.40 including VAT – pay a visit to to find out more about this neat new idea.


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