Reinforcements For Patrol Axles

Originally Published: July 2015

More and more people are turning to the Nissan Patrol as a source of axles for hardcore off-road builds. And to make it that bit easier to do so, Off Road Armoury now offers a Y61 Steering Knuckle Gusset kit for axles taken from Patrols built between 1997 and 2010.

This weld-on kit contains four pieces – two upper and two lower gussets. Made from S355 10mm laser-cut steel, these reinforce the axle case in an area where it’s most likely to suffer the consequences of prolonged and extreme abuse – you need to be able to weld them into place rather than sticking them on with a bit of chewing gum, but assuming that’s not an issue they’ll make a high-strength axle stronger than ever – and at a mere £38 including VAT for the whole kit, there’s no way it’ll ever be worth your while to fabricate your own.

A Patrol axle is a very fine thing, but we know from painful experience that keeping it in the best possible condition is much more affordable than picking up the pieces afterwards. So if you’re going to use a set on a hardcore off-road build, this kit has got to be worth the money. It’s available at


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