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  • Y61 Knuckle Gusset

    Reinforcements For Patrol Axles

    More and more people are turning to the Nissan Patrol as a source of axles for hardcore off-road builds. And to make it that bit easier to do so, Off Road Armoury now offers a Y61 Steering Knuckle Gusset kit for axles taken from Patrols built between 1997 and 2010.

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  • Full Kit

    New Brakes for Old Trucks

    Land Rover axles have found their way on to all sorts of different trucks over the years. Normally these days it’s the later, coil-sprung units that people try to hunt down, but there are still plenty of old down-home trials motors and playday beaters going about on Series I, II...

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  • Alloy USA Rear Axle Shaft with background High Res

    New Halfshafts To Sort Out Jeep Axles

    If your off-road ride of choice has a Jeep badge on its bonnet, there’s a decent chance that you might be in the market for stronger halfshafts. The Dana 30 and 35c that went under Cherokees and Wranglers of old aren’t famed for their strength: they’re actually much tougher than...

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  • KAM 5t axle

    KAM's Monster Axles

    When it comes to heavy-duty axles, KAM’s new 5t units are going to take some beating. In the hands of most of the people who’ll ever own a set, actually, ‘take some beating’ is exactly what they’ll do, but seldom has any item of off-road kit looked better prepared to...

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  • Britpart Drive Flanges

    Britpart's Tougher Drive Flanges

    Modifying a Land Rover can be about an awful lot of different things, but few of them will ever be more important than adding strength to its axles. Everyone thinks about things like line-bored halfshafts and beefier CV joints here, but if you’re doing a belt and braces job you’ll...

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  • Tarox B400RT 12 Kit

    12-Pot Brakes for V8 Land Cruiser

    Does the word 'armour' make you think about metal plates that stop rocks from putting fist-sized holes in your sump? Or trucks that keep you safe from angry people who want to stop you from nicking their country?

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