Flatdog Launches Battery Booster Kit

Originally Published: February 2013

The first rule of flat batteries is that they only ever happen when it’s least convenient. And if you didn’t think it was an inconvenient time, it’ll become one the moment you turn your truck’s ignition key and it coughs lamely at you in return.

Flatdog’s Battery Booster kit is a recent addition to the company’s range, and it’s definitely not the kind of thing you see students carrying around in the back of their clapped-out Fiestas because they don’t know their HT leads are made of cheese.

They feature 175A Anderson plugs and 25mm2 copper cable, insulated within a highly flexible PVC armour coating. The crocodile clips are 170A heavy-duty jobs with insulated handles and an ergonomic design – which might sounds a bit like a lame piece of markering codswallop, but you’ll appreciate it first time you’re using them because the sub-zero temperature has knocked out your electrics.

The battery hook-up is half a metre in length with Anderson plugs to M8 terminal connectors. This stays in position waiting for the call, whereupon a 4-metre length plugs in for action. Ideal for Defender owners who have to ferret around beneath their seat bases to get at their batteries, as Flatdog points out. Priced at £54.99, they look like a pretty good alternative to most of the jump leads going around.


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