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Originally Published: August 2016

German lubricant maker Ravenol is fast becoming one of the most respected brands in all forms of motorsport across the globe. By working closely with vehicle manufacturers, motorsport 
engineers and drivers, Ravenol has been able to develop some of the most technically advanced racing lubricants available today.

The company doesn’t just specialise in off-road sport, but it definitely understands the peculiar needs of a hard-working 4x4.

’In extreme off-road conditions where the engine is revving at maximum while forward speeds are relatively low,’ it says ‘the engine oil needs to operate at high engine temperatures. It must have excellent shear stability to keep the oil pressure up and reduce fuel dilution, and enhanced ‘cling’ characteristics to ensure that the protecting oil film is there – whatever the angle the car is at.’

Whether your personal version of off-roading involves hammering flat-out around Radnor, winching your way through the woods at Tong or trying to be the only person in the whole of Holymoorside who can still move by about 10.15am, that should strike a chord with you. Even if it’s just a hobby to you, looking after your engine makes abundant sense – especially if the same engine is asked to get you to and from work every day of the week.

And it’s not just engines, either, that can suffer the consequences of a life lived off-road. Ravenol offers a complete range of specialist racing lubricants which dramatically reduce friction in engine and transmission alike – thus offering exactly the protection you need. Less friction means more power and efficiency, too, which is good for everyone and really good if yours is a comper.

Want to know more about the Ravenol range of lubes? Head for and prepare to 
be enlightened.

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