Ram's Handy Mounts

Originally Published: May 2013

RAM Mount is a name to bring out the giggling adolescent in you (well, us). But the company sells a range of handy mounts for items like mobile phones, handheld GPS units and tablet devices that’s nothing if not grown-up.

The RAM Mount set-up is particularly well suited to use in vehicles that spend a lot of time traversing undulating terrain. It uses a patented ball-and-socket fixing, meaning items have enough swaying power to flex in response to the vehicle’s movement.

The result is that your electronic tools stay put even when the going gets rough – so you can rely on having them to hand during green lane adventures or hardcore play days. We’ve even spoken to one user who reckons he could roll his Land Rover right over without spilling a drop from his can of Coke.

Prices aren’t exactly cheap, with GPS holders costing up to £50 (though for this money they tend to be waterproof). But you can expect to get what you pay for with products like this. And besides, what 4x4 wouldn’t be improved by a ‘Ram Mount’ sticker? Visit www.ram-mount.co.uk for details.


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