Originally Published: May 2024

What goes ZJ, WG, WK, WK2, WL? That’s a sequence with no apparent rhyme or reason, to be sure; but if you know your Jeeps, you’ll recognise it as the five generations of Grand Cherokee.


You used to see loads of them on the road, but then the financial crash happened, the market caught a cold over big, traditional 4x4s and though there’s been a whole model cycle since then, the Grand has never recovered its old position as an up-for-it allrounder for the working man, with not much subtlety but swathes of leather, lots of kit
and a price real people could afford.


Cars like that don’t make big margins, and with the numbers taking an inevitable hit there was only one way for the Grand to stay profitable. So upmarket she goes. See also Land Rover Defender, Toyota Land Cruiser and Ineos Grenadier. The Grenadier was going to cost thirty-five grand, they said.


Read the full article in the June issue of Overlander 4x4


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