• Trailmaster Colrado 1

    Trail Master Lift For Land Cruiser 90

    The relentless march of Toyota’s 90-Series Land Cruiser into the hearts and minds of Britain’s off-roaders is about to get a little more, well, relentless. Available for what passes as bargain money by Cruiser standards, the Colorado (as it was called in the UK) is a very capable truck with...

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  • Pedders

    All-In +4” Kit For Land Cruiser 80

    We’ve just had a Pedders suspension kit fitted to our Land Cruiser Colorado. This is a spring-and-shock job that lifts its ride height to around 2” over stock, but if you’ve got an 80-Series Land Cruiser and like the idea of making the best 4x4 ever made even better, Pedders’...

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  • rectangle

    Cracking Idea From Pedders Suspension

    Conventional wisdom has it that Land Cruisers never break and nothing on them ever goes wrong. But Australian suspension specialist Pedders, whose 2” lift kit is profiled on pages 64-67 of this issue, has brought in a product it says adds valuable strengthening in a vulnerable area.

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