Trail Master Lift For Land Cruiser 90

Originally Published: May 2014

The relentless march of Toyota’s 90-Series Land Cruiser into the hearts and minds of Britain’s off-roaders is about to get a little more, well, relentless. Available for what passes as bargain money by Cruiser standards, the Colorado (as it was called in the UK) is a very capable truck with stacks of potential for off-road modding – and the range of kit available for building them is getting bigger all the time.

Take Trailmaster’s new +50mm lift kit, for example. This includes the company’s Orange range of coil-over struts for the independent front end, along with similar quality springs and Stage II shocks for the back.

Up front, the kit includes a set of spacer rings allowing fine adjustment of the vehicle’s ride height so you can level it out after, for example, fitting a winch. Trailmaster says the struts and rear shocks were tuned to suit the newly developed springs used at both ends.

Lifting a Colorado by 50mm makes a big difference to its clearance, not least because it lets you fit a proper set of tyres to go with it. And if was already no mug. Trailmaster is owned by the Maas Group in Europe – to find out more, go to 


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