Cracking Idea From Pedders Suspension

Originally Published: March 2013

Conventional wisdom has it that Land Cruisers never break and nothing on them ever goes wrong. But Australian suspension specialist Pedders, whose 2” lift kit is profiled on pages 64-67 of this issue, has brought in a product it says adds valuable strengthening in a vulnerable area.

This is the lower control arm on vehicles with independent front suspension (that is, all of them imported by Toyota GB). Pedders says it has seen instances of this cracking around the torsion bar torque arm, in an area which of course experiences extremely severe torque and impact loadings.

The company’s solution is a simple torque bar brace, which bolts in between the torque arm and control arm to triangulate their mountings and structure. It recommends this on all 100-Series models, but especially on those whose suspension has been lifted or which carry the weight of non-standard equipment like winches, roof racks, extra batteries and so on.

The kit costs £24.41 – which isn’t exactly a lot for anything designed to go on a Land Cruiser. And it could most certainly save you its own price many times over, if you’ve got one and it does let go in the way this item is made to prevent. Pedders sells replacement torsion bars and independent front suspension braces, too, as well of course as full lift kits for the 100-Series.

Which, going back to conventional wisdom, sounds like the makings of a killer rig. To find our more, head for


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