Bailey Morris Launches Upgraded Version Of Extreme Propshaft

Originally Published: September 2016

When Extreme is not enough, you need Extreme II. That’s the judgement of Bailey Morris, the UK aftermarket propshaft specialists. In the words of Richard Smith, the company’s Sales Director: ‘these Extreme II shafts have been designed in response to the growing need for a high specification to cope with the changing vehicle designs, particularly in the Land Rover community.’ 

The Extreme II shafts, which do indeed follow on from the Extreme line of props, have a 42% increase in ‘anticipated shock torque’ compared to production models, so that should stop them from breaking. 

The shafts have uprated UJs, complete with dust caps, triple-lip seals and nylon washers. That should keep grease in and mud and muck out. For more info check out their website at

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