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  • 0514robbmain1

    A Hybrid Among Hybrids

    Being a chartered engineer by trade gave Sean Robb a head start when it came to restoring his well worn 60-Series Land Cruiser. But that only begins to tell the story of a truck whose chassis and body are both hybrids in their own right.

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  • 0909schremain1

    Flipping Marvellous

    Daan Schreuders insists that his 88-inch hybrid is neither ‘ultimate’ nor ‘extreme.’ Both are the kind of words you probably would associate with the massive back-flip it performed for the camera at Tixover in 2005 – but apart from proving the solidity of Daan’s rollcage, its famous crash simply drew...

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  • 7076 068

    Jack Of All Trades

    Jack Ellis began driving at seven, co-built a Range Rover bobtail at twelve and scooped top honours at this year’s Donington Show with an expertly crafted 88-inch hybrid. Not bad credentials. Especially for a fourteen-year-old...

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