Deeper Diff Gears For Nissan Patrol Axles

Originally Published: August 2017

IF YOU’VE GOT A VEHICLE running Nissan Patrol axles (it might even be a Nissan Patrol itself), these new diff gears from Californian outfit Rugged Rocks might be just what you need in your life. Developed in collaboration with Revolution Gear and Axle, the new gear sets are for the mighty H233B axle – as found on the Y60 and Y61 from 1990 onwards. ‘The H233B is a very strong axle,’ says Rugged Rocks founder Steven Lutz. ‘However, because gears have been expensive in the past, I’ve seen people go through the trouble of changing out the whole axle to a weaker model just to have access to less expensive aftermarket parts.’ These new gear sets are his answer. The aim is simple: to offer an OEM gear alternative that means you don’t need to downgrade your axles just to get at a set of diffs you can actually afford. Better still, if your H233Bs are fitted to a custom build running outsize tyres, the diffs are available in three different ratios: 5.13:1, 5.57:1 and 5.89:1. ‘Off-roaders have been asking for the 5.57 and 5.89 gears in the aftermarket for quite some time,’ said Lutz. ‘Working closely with Revolution Gear and Axle, I was able to develop deeper gears for more low-end torque at a reasonable price point.’ Said price point starts at $264.95, though obviously you’ll be needing a set for each diff (they do a reverse rotation pattern for the front). So that’s about £400 for the pair, though you’ll need to add shipping – and since the gears are sold exclusively through, that won’t exactly be pennies. Still worth it in a heartbeat to make the most of what are among the most sought-after axles in town.

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