Originally Published: June 2016

ARE YOU WORRIED about your differentials? Don’t you think you should be? Is it really okay to just drift through life as if you don’t have a care in the world? You’re responsible for your diffs, just as much as for your children. You have a duty to protect them. You don’t seem to be taking your responsibilities seriously, if you don’t mind us saying so.

What you need to consider is fitting some covers so that the nasty world leaves them alone. If you own a Jeep then you might consider a Heavy Duty Differential Cover from RT Off-Road. They’re made of high-grade forged steel which is 3/8” thick so rocks, stumps or long blades of grass should all be kept at bay.

They have strengthening ribs to make them even stronger, and there’s a raised filler plug to increase oil capacity. The covers are powder-coated and machined to make sure there are no leaks, and they come with everything you need for fitment.

The covers are £114.99 and that includes delivery. So if you want to take protection seriously, check out www.ukjeeps.co.uk.

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