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    Welcome to the Jungle

    This hasn't been a good year for Englishmen who go to the Amazon.  Unless they're Gary Ramsay.  While the rest of the country was getting ready to support Our Boys in their ultimately disastrous assault on the World Cup in Brazil, Gary was prepping a Toyota Land Cruiser Amazon for...

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    Life Begins At 40

    Not many 40-Series Toyota Land Cruisers ever came to Britain – which was possibly just as well for every other 4x4 manufacturer at the time. Those that remain are now well into the realms of being classic cars – though that doesn’t stop them from having the potential to be...

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  • 0905labanmain3

    Mr Reliable

    The rational off-road enthusiast may be expected to want a vehicle that is reliable, highly capable and easy to modify. Makes you wonder why more people don’t own Toyota Land Cruisers, really…

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