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  • PIL5181

    Nicely Run In

    When Frank Cook decided to build a 4x4 and ship it to Australia for the expedition of a lifetime, the vehicle he found was a rare gem. How many 80-Series Land Cruisers can there be these days with a five-figure mileage on their clock, after all? With a major mechanical...

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  • 230

    Welcome to the Jungle

    This hasn't been a good year for Englishmen who go to the Amazon.  Unless they're Gary Ramsay.  While the rest of the country was getting ready to support Our Boys in their ultimately disastrous assault on the World Cup in Brazil, Gary was prepping a Toyota Land Cruiser Amazon for...

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  • voelmain1

    Cruiser Control

    Julian Voelcker owns a company that specialises in modifying Toyota Land Cruisers. But instead of just trying to sell his customers as many bolt-on bits as possible, he preaches the value of self-control. Land Cruisers go everywhere the world over in standard form, you see.

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  • 6075 2

    Bashing on regardless

    When you do your off-roading in Britain, no amount of it will ever teach you how to drive on sand. So when the opportunity to go dune bashing on the edge of the Sahara comes along, it’s time to forget everything you’ve ever learned about mud – and start paying...

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  • DSC 7961

    Grey Matter

    Prepped-up Land Cruisers have a reputation for being all about expensive bolt-on goodies. Shaun Dickinson’s grey-import Prado is anything but, however – in fact the amount of ingenious mods on it proves that the less choice you’ve got of off-the-shelf accessories, the more you can achieve by using your head.

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  • T 9631

    Toyota Land Cruiser ♦ Vehicle Test ♦

    Big Land Cruisers have always been at the exclusive end of the 4x4 market. In the days before soft-roaders, the old 80-Series and early Amazon were about as luxurious as it got; today, there’s a lot more around in the way of premium alternatives, but if you want a proper...

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  • augmain1

    Master Of All Trades

    Not many cars are as versatile as Mark Aughton’s Land Cruiser. It’s a comfortable daily driver, a smile-raising muddy hero, a doughty workmate and a Sahara-bashing overland adventurer all rolled into one.

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  • lundmain4

    West Coast Cruiser

    Paul Lundstrom likes 4x4s so much, he’s got three of them. One’s for work, one’s for play and one’s his family car. And each of them is a Toyota Land Cruiser.

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  • slingermain5

    I Shall Overcome

    However old Toyota Land Cruisers get, they just keep on going; round the world, round the clock several times. But Matty Slinger’s 80-Series had already been around, so he figured there was only one way to go – up.

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  • main1Garside2

    Porsche Off

    Andy Garside liked his Cayenne S, but he felt it was lacking in character.  No such worries about the truck he bought to replace it, though – because this one’s a proper off-roader…

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  • 7125 031

    The Best of Everything

    Take one Land Cruiser, a customer with a desire to equip it with a comprehensive range of expedition mods, and a couple of months in the Frogs Island Workshop. Mix them all together & the result is an overland truck to die for…

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  • 7075 053

    Bolts From The Blue

    What do you get if you cross a 70-series Land Cruiser with an angle grinder and a pot of ‘ASBO-orange’ paint? The man from Total Off Road went to Devon to find the answer and came away mightily impressed by what he saw.

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  • 6201 009

    Life Begins At 40

    Not many 40-Series Toyota Land Cruisers ever came to Britain – which was possibly just as well for every other 4x4 manufacturer at the time. Those that remain are now well into the realms of being classic cars – though that doesn’t stop them from having the potential to be...

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  • 6200 020

    Welcome to the Dark

    One overland trip to North Africa in a Discovery was enough to convince Geoff Daulman that he wanted a Land Cruiser instead. And he knew exactly where to get just the Land Cruiser he wanted…

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  • LX 2006 05 25 000 0177

    The Wheel Deal

    People told Adam Johnson he was mad when he decided to fit a third axle to his Toyota Land Cruiser. Thanks to a combination of his exceptional handiwork and a clever suspension set-up, however, no-one’s laughing now.

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  • 0905labanmain3

    Mr Reliable

    The rational off-road enthusiast may be expected to want a vehicle that is reliable, highly capable and easy to modify. Makes you wonder why more people don’t own Toyota Land Cruisers, really…

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