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  • 0514plattmain4

    Jousting With Giants

    Tim Platt’s spaceframe rock racer featured in this magazine as a workshop build series between last August and this March. Now, as it prepares to take on its second competitive season with a new set of revisions to give it more of an edge, we’re bringing the story to a...

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  • main26

    Don't Look Back In Anger

    Danny Roderick has never looked back since the time when, as a 13 year old, he built his first modified off-roader. A long list of trucks has come and gone since then, culminating in his new spaceframe rock racer – which wiped the floor with a top-class field at this...

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  • huntmain1

    A Simple Twist of Fate

    When the AWDC first announced the XTC series, Rob Butler at Off Road Armoury sold his Samurai to make way for a mid-engined racer. Which worked out very nicely for Jerry Hunt – who’s taken the truck and made it stronger, twistier and better than ever.

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  • 11037 050 main

    The Edge of Glory

    One of the great things about The Edge’s off-road buggies is that you can buy a book of plans and build your own. Perfect… just so long as you remember to do up all the bolts holding on the steering before you take it out for a death or glory...

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  • platmain1

    Cummins and Goings

    Tim Platt’s spaceframe challenge special looks kind of like a 1990s’ comp safari buggy. But it’s all about winching – and it’s even got an HGV battery and alternator to make sure that whatever happens, it keeps on truckin’ along.

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  • 6114 045

    Beauty and the Beast

    When Nigel Baines and Gus Ferguson set out to build a challenge truck from scratch, they created a vehicle that’s turned out to be a bit of a beast off-road. But even if it’s not the prettiest thing you’ve ever seen, it’s a perfect example of how beauty need never...

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